We pride ourselves on offering our support services on a true fixed-fee basis.

Our fixed-fee is a tiered dollar amount charged to our clients based on your quantity of computer-using employees.

Our fixed-fees are not based on blocks-of-time, time-of-day or any other conditions.

Our fixed-fee model does have a few, well-defined exceptions which are called-out in our Services Agreement such as office moves, server additions or replacements – only those things that are not considered to be maintenance and can generally be thought of as things that would be discussed and planned-out for weeks if not months in advance. Usually, even these projects will be completed on a fixed, per-project fee.

For the first few years, we billed our services on an hourly-basis but we quickly realized that hourly billing created an adversarial relationship with our clients. Our clients quickly grew tired of inconsistent and sometimes expensive invoices, and we grew tired of defending them. We suspected that going fixed-fee would create a better relationship, and we were right; since going fully fixed-fee in 2007, we only rarely lose a client and never over a billing dispute.

Why Our Clients Love the Fixed-Fee Approach

When your IT support provider... Hourly (other guys) Fixed-fee (Work Consultants)
...bills hourly, they're motivated to... Take as long as possible and make sure the solution will need a lot of babysitting. Fix things quickly and make sure the solution needs as little supervision as possible.
...marks up products and services, they're motivated to... Sell you the most expensive items or those that they can mark up the most. To encourage you to buy what we know works. (We'll still handle purchasing, but we'll bill your on-file credit card directly.)
...sees high profits... Your systems are failing and your pricing goes up. Your systems work and you see us less often.