Get Google Home devices to work on Aruba-based wireless networks

February 27, 2018

We’ve received several emails from clients reporting difficulty getting their new Google Home devices setup on their Aruba-based wireless networks by using an iPhone: “This may require a small change to your Wi-Fi settings” Turns out, this is an accurate if insufficient description of the change that you need to make. All you need to… Read more »

How to start Veeam Backup Service manually

September 8, 2017

You might find that if you have to kill Veeam.Backup.Service.exe manually then attempt to start the service, you receive: “Veeam Backup Service started and then stopped. Some services stop automatically if they are not in use by other service or programs” and when you check the Event Viewer \ Applications you see: “Service cannot be… Read more »

Post-Office 365 migration: Convert mailboxes to mail-enabled users

April 14, 2017

After moving to Office 365 you’ll want to decommission Exchange from your domain, but uninstalling Exchange removes externalemailaddress and proxyaddress properties from user accounts which are needed for Azure AD Connect to sync on-prem AD to Azure AD. So that your Office 365 email addresses don’t become, here’s what I’ve been doing for our… Read more »

Set up email encryption in Office 365, the easy way

November 16, 2016

There’s no shortage of how-tos out there for this topic, but if you want the copy-and-paste method, this is all there is to it: Login to your Office 365 account and enable Rights Management: Open PowerShell as Administrator Assuming you’re in North America, and you want to encrypt all messages with ‘secure’ in the subject,… Read more »

Vendor-specific email addresses. Or, How to catch email address sellers…

November 1, 2016

I’m writing this post mostly so I (and possibly you, fellow IT guy/gal) can refer to it as a best-practice. For each vendor or service, create a mailbox for that new service. For example, Let’s break that down, shall we? mycompany: by putting the name of my company in here, it makes it nearly… Read more »

Forget phishing. Now they’re whaling

October 26, 2016

In June of this year, I received a call from a client: “Our email has been hacked!” they claimed. “Someone is sending out email from the CEO’s mailbox, requesting that our accountant transfer funds oversees!” They forwarded to me the email that the accountant received. Sure enough, it looked like it came from the CEO; it… Read more »

Password advice re: Yahoo hack

September 23, 2016

Yesterday, Yahoo revealed that the largest data breach ever was perpetrated on their network affecting 500 million user accounts.… Worse, is that the hackers got passwords. What this means to you is that if you use the same password across multiple sites and one of those sites is Yahoo, then these hackers have access… Read more »

Why generic accounts are bad

May 18, 2016

While I understand the motivation behind requests for generic – or worse – shared accounts for temporary employees, the downside is just too big. Consider… Accountability Having individual accounts avoids this scenario: I create a ‘tempuser1’ account (an account name that hackers will try to use to break in, BTW) Mary, who seemed very nice… Read more »

Getting Konica Minolta copiers to scan to Office 365

February 17, 2016

The directions you’ll find all over the web are pretty accurate. But in my experience they all leave out the one thing that I had to do to get my client’s copier to work: make “Admin. E-mail Address” = “User ID”. Otherwise, the copier would display: Error code: 550 Error Dets: Login error

ALT + D: Move cursor to address bar but minus…

February 10, 2016

Being able to move the cursor to the search box of most web browsers by pressing CTRL + E is pretty convenient, but if you find it annoying that doing so puts a question mark at the beginning of the line, then try this instead: ALT + D; that will put the cursor in the… Read more »