Confirmed: Quickbooks is for sucks


A client of mine with SBS2003 and a terminal server hired an accounting firm to manage her finances in QuickBooks Pro 2007. The accountant was able to sign-on to the terminal server, but received some error about an incorrect path. I was handed off to the accounting firm’s tech guy, who explained the idiosyncrasies of QuickBooks Database Server Manager.

While I was already aware that you have to have QBDBMgr running on the file server, he cleared up why it never seemed to work for me – because not only to you have to leave it running (minimized is OK,) if the server reboots, you have to start it again and tell it where the company files are and tell it to scan that folder. This means that simply automating the process of starting QBDBMgr wouldn’t be sufficient.

I’m sure there are technical reasons for this, and that QBDBMgr isn’t actually incapable of remembering what you told it last time, but that’s sure what it looks like.

He also pointed out that the scarce documentation that does exist for the QBDBMgr is wrong, and what’s above is what works.