Freezing on remote desktop server sessions


All of the staff at one of our favorite clients – AtlasVet – get their work done on Wyse thin clients connecting to an on-premises remote desktop server. For years, the staff would complain that their sessions on the RDS would freeze several times a day, and there would be a substantial (5, 10, 20 second) delay between typing and the typed characters appearing on screen.

I’ll save you all the troubleshooting I did and cut to the chase: years ago, one of their staff requested the ability to hear audio from the RDS so I enabled the Windows Audio service (audiodg.exe) and did whatever configuring was necessary for the staff member to hear audio in her session. Turns out, enabling the Windows Audio service on an RDS host causing freezing is a known issue:

All I had to do to get the freezing to stop was to disable the Windows Audio service.

Hope this helps someone else!