Have the wheels come off at Dell?


We at Work Consultants have always relied on Dell for their exceptional hardware, and beyond that, their nearly instantanious turn around on orders. However, since August 2009, we’ve noticed a disturbing decline in service.

Where we grew accustomed to orders for new computers to ship in three or four days, an order for three Precision Workstation T3400s on August 14, 2009 didn’t ship until September 10, 2009. Dell explained this delay as a parts shortage, but was unable to identify which part.

On September 17, 2009, I placed an order through my Dell SMB sales rep for three hard drives (Item Number 341-3932) for use in an MD3000i. These shipped on the 21st – a respectable turn around time, but in my estimation still slow for just for three hard drives.

However, on the same day I ordered the hard drives, I ordered a license key to turn on the Volume Copy features on the same MD3000i. As of today, November 6, 2009, having received six notices that this order is delayed, we still have yet to receive this license. On this delay, Dell has been nearly silent.

Edit: The license key finally shipped on 11/23/09. Not bad, just 67 days.