How long ’til “iPhone…now with buttons!”?


Now that iPhones can communicate pretty darn well with Exchange, I don’t have any objective reasons to dissuade my clients from using them in favor of Windows Mobile phones.

But, I still have one subjective argument: try doing anything, and I mean anything – walking, talking, breathing without caution – while typing on that freaking screen!! After setting up my first iPhone with Exchange, I realized how much I do with my Windows Mobile phone (a T-Mobile Dash, btw) without even looking – switching to vibrate, locking, unlocking, dialing voicemail…

Yes, iPhones are sexy as long as you don’t have to, you know, use it. Oh sure, I’m sure you get used to it, but it seems too big of a hurdle for the promised payoff which is, uhh, being that guy with an iPhone…? So, before you buy yours, try walking around while posting your “OMG it’s awesome!” reply to this post.