Outlook reply body formatting is all wrong!


One of our clients sent in a support request for a problem that perplexed her. She noticed that when replying to some messages, double line spaces (breaks) were inserted when she pressed Enter instead of the expected single-spaced line break.

What she was seeing is Outlook inheriting the formatting of the email that she was replying to. I have two recommendations for how to deal with this:

  1. If this doesn’t happen too frequently, I recommend correcting the formatting of your reply by deleting the unnecessary line breaks. If you find that deleting one line break brings two separate lines to the same line, you can split them back to separate, single-spaced lines by pressing Shift + Enter.
  2. If this happens frequently, or you don’t want to bother with manually reformatting your response, you can clear the inherited formatting by:
    1. Start a reply, but don’t type anything, yet
    2. If Outlook opens your response within the same Outlook window, choose this button before continuing:

    3. Click into the body of the message
    4. Click the Format Text tab
    5. Click the Plain Text button then click Continue to the warning that will pop-up. This is the step that removes the sender’s annoying formatting.
    6. Click the HTML button. This step allows you to format your message as you expect.

    7. Compose your reply!