Outlook’s Special Plain-text Signature


You might have noticed that sometimes when you reply to an e-mail in Outlook, your signature gets all funky and any pictures you had in it are lost. This is because you just replied to a message that was sent to you in plain text.

Outlook wisely conforms your reply to the sender’s e-mail format. So when a message arrives in plain-text, your reply goes back as text only! How, then, can we keep our signatures lookin’ good?

Well, it turns out that Outlook keeps a special text file just for plain-text replies! You can get to the file by clicking File / Options / Mail:

Now, while holding down the Control (Ctrl) key on your keyboard, press the Signatures button which causes a window to open with a bunch of files. The one you’re interested in is the text file. In this screenshot, it’s last one:

Just open that text file, make it look good, then save it. Now when you reply to a plain-text e-mail, you’ll reply with your nicely formatted plain-text signature.