Quick fix for Outlook stuck at “Loading Profile”


Yesterday, I was composing an email in Outlook when Outlook went unresponsive – no big deal, stuff happens. After restarting my computer and attempting to open Outlook, I got the dreaded “Loading Profile” in the Outlook splash screen.

I’ve seen this behavior before – usually during an Office 365 migration – but that wasn’t the case this time, so I went hunting and found this guy’s blog post: https://j-b.livejournal.com/421356.html

Not only did issuing an ‘ipconfig /release’ (followed by an ‘ipconfig /renew’, naturally) allow Outlook to proceed past “Loading Profile”, one commenter’s recommendation to issue just an ‘ipconfig /renew’ did the trick when “Loading Profile” reappeared later.

This doesn’t address the root cause, but when you have a client who can’t open Outlook, this is a novel club to have in your bag.