I still can’t wrap my head around why someone would use a BlackBerry when there are Windows Mobile phones around, but at least with BES you get better integration with Exchange. But, for clients the size that I deal with, its old, non-free price excluded BES. All the better since I’d rather work with less software, not more.

This all changed when one of my smartypants, BlackBerry-loving clients pointed out that there’s (and turns out has been for a year) a free version of BES for fewer than something like 11 users. Well then, Fine.

I download it and start reading the docs which reference Local Users and Groups. Well, maybe, I thought, I can still make this work on SBS. Let me save you the suspense if your curiosity about the same documentation brought you here: even this free version of BES requires Exchange to be running on its own machine. A VM would work, but then you still have to license Windows Server 2003, maybe throw in some more RAM and don’t forget about labor…and you’re back to the original BES price plus some.