SCVMM stuck at 99% on “Customize virtual machine” step


I ran into this problem when building CentOS 6.5 VMs from a SCVMM template.

During the “Customize virtual machine” step, SCVMM is trying to inject a virtual floppy disk with linuxagent.iso on it, but it fails to do so because the Linux VMM agent has to be installed for the virtual floppy disk concept to work.

The strange part was that I had already installed the Linux VMM agent on my template’s VHD(x) so why was the “Customize virtual machine” step hanging? Because the Linux VMM agent uninstalls itself:

[root@localhost ~]# cat /var/opt/microsoft/scvmmguestagent/log/scvmm-install.log
10/26/14 15:21:20 UTC   Installing SCVMM Guest Agent to /opt/microsoft/scvmmguestagent
10/26/14 15:21:20 UTC   Successfully installed SCVMM Guest Agent
10/26/14 15:27:00 UTC   Current version:
10/26/14 15:27:00 UTC   Current agent version is the latest.
10/26/14 15:28:13 UTC   Current version:
10/26/14 15:28:13 UTC   Current agent version is the latest.
10/26/14 15:28:23 UTC   Removing SCVMM Guest Agent
10/26/14 15:28:23 UTC   Disabling waagent daemon

So, if you use the resulting VHD(s) as a template, the deployment will hang because the agent that you installed was uninstalled. 

Lesson learned is that if you boot up a VHD(x) to make changes to it with the goal of later saving that VHD(x) as a template for deployment, reinstall the Linux VMM agent every time you boot it up.

Scratch that. Instead use: 

Scratch that. Instead, when creating the template choose: [None – customization not required] which instructs SCVMM to not install a guest agent of any kind.

Ignore the bit about “Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard” being selected; it’s grayed out/not selected. I would argue that when [None – customization not required] is selected that “Operating System” should show no value, or maybe [None – customization not required] because that’s the way SCVMM will be have – it won’t attempt any OS-specific customization.