Set up your new, remote-work Windows 10 Pro PC


Congratulations on the purchase of your new computer! Let’s get you set up so you can work remotely.

This guide assumes that you haven’t gone through any of the initial set up process and that your computer came with Windows 10 Pro installed, not Windows 10 Home. You’ll know you have Windows 10 Home of you don’t see the “Set up for an organization” step.

If you have started the setup process or your computer has Windows 10 Home, please open a support ticket by emailing

1. Turn on your computer!

2. When prompted, connect to your home wireless network.

3. When prompted, choose to set up your computer for an organization.

4. When prompted, sign-in with your Office 365 credentials. Even if you don’t think you have an Office 365 account, you probably do. Please supply your work email address and work computer password.

5. Once you’re signed into your new computer, please email to let us know that your laptop is ready for us to configure, including the installation of our security suite.