Things that don’t work on thin clients/terminal services


As much as I love thin clients/terminal servers, I thought it would be useful to start a list of things that just don’t ‘work.’

Skype – It just closes a few moments after starting it. I see logs in the event viewer referencing Skype’s inability to detect the device, “phone” but even if that were the issue, Skype doesn’t just close on full computers if the headset isn’t plugged it. Moreover, at least on Wyse thin clients “real-time devices (e.g webcam, USB speakers, headsets, and human interface devices such as the Cherry and Bloomberg keyboards) are NOT supported…” – from the Wyse TCX USB Virtualizer PDF.

Yugma – I’ve only just heard from a client using a thin client that though he received confirmation that his desktop was shared, the other users couldn’t see it. And this post seems to confirm the issue.