Time Matters, but not yours


I have a couple law firms client that use Lexis Nexis Time Matters 9.0 for case management. LN has renamed its latest iteration Front Office, and last year it was called Practice Advantage.

My clients seem to like the software alright, but the installation is less than intuitive. In theory, you download the licensed software, install the server-side components (and the TM client, too it seems) on the server, then visit each workstation and perform the same installation except that you choose to install just the client. Here’s where things go wrong.

If you were to follow those logical steps, you’d notice that every time you start a program that TM has hooked into – Explorer (My Computer,) Outlook, Internet Explorer – TM starts the installation routine again. Eventually it will complain that it can’t find “infopro.msi.”

I might have stumbled upon the longest way to install the TM client, but it’s the only method that seems keeps Windows Installer quiet. Also, when doing it this way the installation routine won’t ask you for the path to the TM database or for the Product Key. Much mo betta.

1) Uninstall all server-side and client-side components already installed.

2) Install the server-side component on your file server. But this time, choose to install the last option, “Copy setup files to the network.” (This option is in the Declined state in this screenshot.)

It’s a little vague, but this will place a copy of “setupp.exe” (yes, two Ps) and a new file, “setupp.ini” which contains the drive letter mapping that you will specify during the server-side installation process, and your Product Key in the TMDataSetup folder on the server.

3) Share the Setup folder that is inside the TMData folder. For argument’s sake, let’s call it “TMSetup.”

4) Install the client-side component on a client computer from \fileservernameTMSetupsetupp.exe.

Let ‘er rip.