Trend IMHS hiccups, still awesome


A couple weeks ago, I posted on how great Trend Micro IMHS is. Recently, one of my clients started receiving spam, so I sent these examples to Trend for analysis. I expected to get a “thanks, we’re working on it” or “there’s something wrong with your mail server/DNS records” kind of response, but I got this:

“Hi Nathan,

Thank you for the mail samples.
Upon analysis, 6 out of 7 submitted mails are verified as spam and SpanishEnglish bilingual recruiting.msg is verified as normal.

5 out of 6 spam mails are already detected by our latest pattern, AS6122. The remaining 1 undetected mail is added in our pool for rule creation. The soonest possible fix will reflect on our next pattern, AS6124.”

Good on you, Trend, for putting real people on the job and taking our concern seriously.