From floppies to the cloud in four days


Working with Continental Rail on this project in Louisiana will probably remain one of my best work experiences because of the amount of improvement that we were able to bring to their railroad operations – to say nothing of the pace of progress.

When I arrived in Monroe, LA, the ‘network’ was made up of 10-year-old, no-name computers and no means of sharing files outside of emailing them back and forth. And, for email they were using various combinations of, delta… you get the picture.

In quick order, we replaced all of their computers with business-grade HP desktops and Lenovo ThinkPad laptops; moved their files to Dropbox Business, moved email to Office 365, and configured Dropbox to use their Office 365 credentials reducing the number of passwords they had to remember.

We’ll may never see such an old computing environment again, but if this sounds like your office, we can help!