The trifecta: Office 365, Azure, and Dropbox Business


A lobbying firm in DC who has been a client since 2004 was a prime candidate for a cloud migration; they’re a small office and a few of their staff work far away from HQ. These are two use cases where having a server in one’s office just doesn’t make sense anymore, not with cloud services so readily available.

In the course of a few weeks, we moved their ~20 Exchange mailboxes to Office 365, their file server shares – and a few work-personal OneDrive accounts – to Dropbox Business, and moved the remaining server role – Active Directory – to an inexpensive virtual machine in Azure.

Now, no matter where everyone is – at the office, on a laptop out of the office, or working from a smartphone – they all work as if they’re in the same office.

If this sounds like your organization, we’d like to do the same for you.