We took Asbury to the heavens! Err, cloud


The staff of Asbury UMC – the beautiful, stone building at 11th St. NW and K St. NW that you’ve probably passed a hundred times – knew that they had to replace their aging, sole server. Loathe to spend thousands of dollars on hardware, they asked Work Consultants for a cloud-based solution for their file storage and email needs.

After a few meetings in which the pros and cons of various file sharing and sync services including Dropbox and Egnyte were weighed, it was decided that we’d create a new server running in Microsoft Azure to serve not only as their domain controller but as their file server, too.

Accessing files over the Internet can result in long delays when opening and saving files, but we solved that with a novel solution using tools that are built-in to Windows, i.e. free.

Moving their email to Office 365 was a no-brainer, and it has served them well from Day 1.

Lastly, their wireless network was a hodgepodge of various consumer-grade wireless access points – each one creating a different wireless network so as users roamed the building, they’d have to manually switch from one wireless network to another.

We solved that mess by creating a homogeneous network with enterprise-grade – but not expensive – wireless access points. In fact, we blanketed the entire building with just three access points!

If Asbury UMC’s issues sound familiar, we’d like to do this same for you.