You’re getting phishing filtering!

You’ve no doubt noticed a big uptick in the amount of phishing email that you’ve been receiving recently. Microsoft has noticed too, and they’re doing something about it: they’re rolling-out their most aggressive, phishing-specific protection to all Office 365 users – for free!
If you’re not already aware of the scourge that is phishing, it goes by many names and includes many techniques but they all of one thing in common: it’s mail that appears to be coming from someone you trust but it’s actually from a bad actor who’s trying to trick you into taking some action that will result in a financial loss or breach in your network security.
Microsoft’s announcement is huge because this protection was hereto included in only their most expensive Office 365 plan, called E5.
There’s nothing that you need to do to take advantage of this new protection but sit back and wait a few weeks for it to be rolled out. If you’d like to read (and read and read) more about the threat and Microsoft’s new protections, you can do so here:
If you’re not yet an Office 365 subscriber and you’d like this level of protection for email, let’s talk about migrating your email to Office 365.