What is Disaster Recovery and how is it different from Backup?

DR protects an entire protected computer, usually a server.

Backup protects only files.

In practice, how is DR superior to backup?

Once a computer is configured for DR, no one has to remember to add new files or folders because everything is backed-up.

Because everything is backed-up, anything can be restored to an earlier point-in-time: from the entire server to a single email.

Nightly Disaster Recovery-Based Backup Process

DR vs. Backup Comparison Chart

Protects you against... Backup Disaster Recovery
Malware Some
Bad software updates
Hacked Servers
Server hardware failure
Forced majeure (flood, fire, theft, etc.)


Veeam Backup & Replication is the backbone of our disaster recovery service; it’s the software that we run on our disaster recovery servers.

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