We specialize in managing Microsoft Windows-based computers and servers, whether on-premises or in the cloud; and the networks, routers, switches, and firewalls that connect everything.

Beyond providing routine technical support, Work Consultants plays an advisory role to our small-to-medium size businesses on strategic technology decision making.

We recommend solutions that make sense for our clients, not those that make more money for us.

Because we conduct our services on fixed-fee agreements, the motivation to find billable hours is removed from the equation. We are altruistic advisors.


“Hey, this thing isn’t working.” We’re here to help; we are Microsoft Windows-based server and desktop support experts.

”We want to be in the cloud.” We speak cloud services: Office 365, Dropbox, Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, etc.

”We need to be able to recover from any kind of threat whether it be technological, accidental, or force majeure.” We’ve seen and recovered from every kind of disaster you can think of using PDQBackup – our disaster recovery service.

“Help us find a solution to…” We’ll evaluate vendors, products, and services for you; just give us a problem and we’ll find your solution.

“Help us buy it and manage any returns, exchanges, etc.” Leave the driving to us; we’ll manage your hardware and software procurement.

“I keep hearing about hackers…” Gateway security: we’ll install and configure intelligent firewalls to protect your network from intrusion.

“The technology we’re using now isn’t going to cut it next year.” Strategic growth planning: for high-growth businesses, we’ll make sure you’re selecting the right products and services for today and tomorrow.

All of what you’d expect from an IT support provider is delivered on a fixed-fee model. Our other service, PDQBackup disaster recovery, is delivered on separate agreements.

Microsoft Competency

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